The Fifth Ruby Survey: 2014

This is the results page. Feel free to look through it. Some of the questions are new and only show up in some of the years. Next to the second year though, there is the %-change between the years. That's the really juicy stuff to me.

2008-2014 Results

Have you read the "pickaxe" book?

Have you read the "agile" rails book?

How long have you been programming ruby?

What is your web framework of preference?

What is your indentation preference?

Text editor of preference?

Is Ruby your primary language?

How would you rate your Ruby expertise?

What are your thoughts on Haml?

What Javascript framework/library do you prefer? Choose other if you use something else, updated question below.

What are your thoughts on automated testing (Unit testing, etc)?

What are your thoughts on human testing?

What is your preferred Ruby interpreter?

What are your religious beliefs (feel free to leave empty)?

What version of Ruby are you currently using?

Have you contributed any open source code in the last year?

Have you built a GUI-based application/game?

What is your employment status?

What is your revision control software of choice?

What is your preferred testing framework?

What do you find most important to test?

How much Javascript do you usually write?

What webserver do you use in production?

Do you use Sass?

Do you use CoffeeScript?

Which of the following technologies do you use most, if any?

Do you have NoSQL fever?

What is your preferred gender identity?